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Josh has been taking pictures since 1991 when he avoided difficult high school teachers by attending photography classes. He absolutely loved the creativity of it all. From snapping pics to developing the film and prints in the darkroom. Throughout Josh's diverse career he has embedded photography into each of his roles.

With a lifelong love of the ocean and a permission slip from his Mom, at 17, Josh Schieffer joined the US Submarine Force. He was in navigation and spent most of his time on the periscope which also served as the submarine's camera. On the periscope Josh would take photos of [Classified] and also [Classified]! After a four year tour (mostly underwater) Josh started a successful career in manufacturing. Josh leveraged his Naval experience and brought similar submarine training systems and cultures to the organizations he served. He has presented his methodologies at several national conferences and to SeaWorld and Disney executives. His photography supported investigations and workplace training allowing consistent manufacturing processes across multiple continents.

After a Celiac Disease diagnosis for both Josh and his youngest son, in 2010 Josh founded the Gluten Free Awards, an industry awards program designed to connect those with Celiac Disease to the best products and services. He has published several bestselling books in the niche market and continues to be a Celiac advocate. In 2020 the small publishing company expanded into what is now known as The Guided Buyer. Josh is also the Executive Director of Watermans Warehouse a nonprofit providing swim instruction to families regardless of income level. His passion for photography and image creation is the one thing he has never delegated to his team of freelancers or staff.

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